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The staff and I at BC CANINE are overwhelmed by the support we have received from our clients following a negative news story in recent weeks.

The story was generated on social media by a client who was upset with the condition of his dog when it went home after a 3 week stay. The comments went viral on social media based on his perspective.

We have refrained from making any public comments on the matter except to go on record defending our position when asked by the media. We felt we needed to defend our position when the erroneous comments were first made and put them in the public record. We have since not made any media or social media comments.

While abusive, threatening and uninformed comments and postings persisted, we decided not to descend to the level we recognized as slanderous and defamatory.

We have seen by our customers overwhelming support expressed in visits to the kennel, letters and phone calls asking how they can help, that there still are reasonable people who do not jump on hysterical band wagons, especially in the absence of full information.

Again it is amazing for our staff to see and experience the positive side of human nature from those who let facts and information guide your actions, instead of uninformed hysteria made easily defamatory by the reflexive click of a keystroke.

Thank you to all our regular, knowledgeable customers for your combined and continued support. BC Canine will have no further public comment on this matter on the advice of counsel who is preparing a defamation suit against 4 parties in this matter.

We continue to welcome new customers and to help them have a better life with their best friends.

Please make sure that when you board a dog with us or any other kennel that you:

  1. provide sufficient food for your dog so they don’t have to change diet, especially in longer stays.
  2. advise the kennel if your dog has a sensitive stomach or is on a special diet. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, providing your own food should be mandatory.
  3. if the kennel takes your dog to a vet clinic during its stay, please authorize the clinic to perform all necessary tests requested by the clinic before returning a dog to the kennel. The kennel does not know your dogs history and blood tests and other procedures can assist the clinic in proper diagnosis.


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We are a Richmond based multi-functional dog training kennel facility, located just south of Vancouver, dedicated to the care of your canine family members. Our services include dog boarding, dog daycare, dog grooming and dog training.

Nestled on an idyllic 5 acres of grassland next to the Fraser River, B.C. Canine boasts indoor and outdoor play rooms, heated kennels and an experienced staff to cater to your dog's every need.

Our services

Include dog boarding, daycare, dog training and dog grooming. We are situated in rural Richmond, 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver and 10 minutes from the Vancouver International Airport

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Welcome To Our New Students This Week At BC CANINE

All are enrolled in our 2 week Inboard Training Program for their Basic Dog Obedience at BC Canine. They can’t wait to show mom and dad their new skills and obedience when they go home.

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If you have had your dog trained using “clickers” ,” food” or “psychology” you are reading this article because you paid for lessons that didn’t work.

Clickers can’t replace a human voice…. And…. food can’t replace human praise…. Dogs need leadership and not tricks, bribery or psycho-babble. Surely a LEADER should be seen as more than a TEMPORARY INCONVENIENCE and a REFRIGERATOR. Dogs bond with humans, not toys or treats. ( You feed your dog every day….Why doesn’t he obey you?)

Dogs will respond to food as a natural drive, but that doesn’t equate to obedience. It equates to only doing something if there is a reward. You want a dog that wants to follow you, not your full hand.

Dogs want to belong to a “pack” and need to find a leader who keeps things simple, clear, calm and assertive.

At BC CANINE we gets dogs from all over Canada to properly RE-TRAIN as well as train the owner “leader” Dogs that have gone through any number and type of training that just doesn’t work.

THER ARE NO BAD DOGS….., only dogs trying to make it through life in a human world with behaviours that are part of their genetics until exposed to behavior that we expect from them.

Dogs don’t purposely do things to annoy us. They just do things that they do without making a value judgement about whether it is bad or good, or destructive or annoying. They don’t know the difference until they are shown the difference in a clear, concise, consistent and praise rewarded way.


Our INBOARD DOG TRAINING program typically has a waiting list as it is so much in demand and we receive so many recommendations Because we have had a steady increase in requests for DOG TRAINING from all over British Columbia for our INBOARD DOG TRAINING ,in addition to Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Interior of British Columbia as well as Alberta and Saskatchewan. We will be holding a few spots per month open for those who need to travel or ship their dog to us for training to ensure you can get the same level of training as local dogs.

Please call the office at 604-275-9267 or e-mail manager@bccanine.com for details. You may also REGISTER on-line on our website.