Over 5000 Dogs Trained!!

Kennel is staffed 24 hours a day

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NEW!!! - 2016 Rates:
Dog Boarding @29.95 per Night, Doggy Daycare $19.95 per Day!

Dog Boarding Vancouver - WHY BC CANINE for Boarding your dog?

Of all the Dog Kennels in British Columbia, we not only have Doggy Daycare, and Dog boarding, but we also Train Dogs from basic obedience levels to police level and security level certification.

We don’t reject problem dogs or hard to care for dogs. We take all puppy daycare and boarding candidates as well as adult Dog Boarding and daycare from Vancouver throughout the Province of British Columbia.

Our dog kennels are varied in size and can house any dog breed and size of boarding dog.

Offering Dog Boarding in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster and the rest of British Columbia for over 15 years, BC CANINE Training Centre is your one stop dog needs facility.

Our Dog boarding costs are competitive and we often have a waiting list so it is always good to make arrangements for you furry friend early.

Dog Daycare Vancouver

Doggy Day Care is an excellent way for your dog to run off extra energy and get the physical and mental nourishment he requires to have a healthy and happy life.

Puppy daycare and Puppy boarding is a perfect way for your puppy to learn to become more socialized and balanced for his future wellbeing and happiness.

Why not enjoy peace of mind during your holiday while your pet enjoys his?

Our staff is dedicated to meeting the high standards of pet care established by BC Canine. All of our boarders can expect the same high standards as our prized working dogs:

Depending on the size and temperament of your dog, he or she will enjoy private accommodations in either our large dog runs (4 x 16) or in a personal crate in our main building.

We encourage you to bring your dogs own food so that we don’t have any upset stomachs but we are also happier to provide food for our guests. If your dog has special dietary needs, please bring along the food he/she is used to eating and notify staff so that we will not give any treats.

Please make sure to write down all specific instructions for feeding and giving medications to help our staff keep everything organized and running smoothly.

BC Canine shares strong relationship with various local vet clinics, thereby ensuring our clients that their pet will maintain excellent health during their stay with us. Should any unfortunate incident arise where a dog required immediate emergency attention, a local vet is available to visit on-site.


All dogs are released first thing in the morning to either an enclosed outdoor run or an indoor/outdoor room to relieve themselves after a restful sleep. They spend the morning sniffing, playing and greeting new friends while employees thoroughly sanitize each kennel and crate. An hour before mealtime, the dogs are brought in to their personal kennel to allow their systems to relax.

They spend an additional hour after feeding to digest their meal. The dogs are let out again in the afternoon for more playtimes while their beds are made up with freshly laundered bedding. Dogs are in bed and ready to sleep by 7pm, exhausted by the day’s activities and ready to dream about another happy fun-filled day!

For your peace of mind, we sincerely encourage you to visit our facilities to experience the clean, spacious, calm space we have created. Please visit our facility from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and on weekends from 9am to 3pm.

We strongly recommend that you bring your dog to enjoy our daycare facility for a day or two before a lengthy stay with us. This alleviates the stress your pet will experience during the initial days of boarding and he will settle in comfortably, knowing you will be back eventually to retrieve him.

Do you provide pick up and drop off service?

Yes! For a reasonable fee, we will pick up and drop off your pet (applies to boarding pets only – daycare is pick up/drop off only).

What is your application process?

All dogs must complete a Client Information Card and sign an Exercise Agreement. Please allow ten minutes. At this point we require proof of up to date vaccinations.

What are your vaccination requirements?

All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, distemper (DHLPP) and bordatella (kennel cough); puppies under 6 months do not need to be vaccinated for rabies. Unfortunately, we cannot accept pups under two months.

Have you ever turned down any dog and why?

No - all dogs are welcome at B.C. Canine. However, known aggressive dogs are confined to runs of their own and interact only with employees at BC Canine. Additionally, for the safety of your and others pet, any dog displaying aggressive behavior during group play will be removed and placed in a solitary run.

Do you have different runs for large and small dogs?

Yes. We have close to 5 acres of grassland that is cordoned off into many different runs containing shade structures – these are for our large and rambunctious dogs requiring lots of space to stretch their legs. For our small and senior dogs we have an indoor room and a partially covered outdoor room. They have free access to both rooms through a dog door.

Do you provide dog treats? How often do you feed the dogs?

Yes, we do provide treats. We ask that you alert staff to any special dietary restrictions. Unless otherwise directed by the owner, we feed twice a day. We are happy to accommodate personal requests.

How often do you provide water?

Water is always available to the dogs and buckets are continuously replenished with fresh water to cool thirsty throats. (*Note: broad-chest dogs will have water removed during feeding time to reduce possibility of dangerous bloating conditions.)

Do you provide dog toys? Can we bring our own toys and personal belongings?

We do not provide any toys, save tennis balls, in the communal areas as we want to diminish any possibility of a fight. However, if you want to provide a toy for your pet that we could offer in the privacy of his or her kennel, please feel free.

Do you have a nap time for the dogs?

Dogs under 6 months will be removed from playtime for 45 minutes every 2.5 hours. We recommend bringing a small snack for your dog if under 6 months. Our boarding dogs are brought inside to rest before their daily meal and continue to rest for an hour afterwards.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are very flexible with cancellations and for a good portion of the year, we accept phone calls. Please endeavor to let us know as soon as your plans change – space is limited! During holidays, we do require a 50% deposit (sorry, this is non-refundable).

Where is the nearest vet?

The nearest vet is within five minutes drive time from B.C. Canine. If needed, a vet can be dispatched to our facility.