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NEW!!! - 2016 Rates:
Dog Boarding @29.95 per Night, Doggy Daycare $19.95 per Day!

We feel that we provide the ultimate doggy daycare experience. For medium and large breed dogs, we have spacious grassy runs that the dogs spend all day socializing, playing and having an all round good time. There is ample shade in the runs and water buckets are freshened through out the day. We are avid believers that a well socialize dog is a good dog and we make sure that all of our doggy clients are placed in appropriate playmates.

Our small doggy daycare consists of an indoor and outdoor play area where our small dogs and senior dogs can enjoy a day of relaxing or playing on the puppy playground. For all dogs under 6 months, please remember to bring a snack, which we will feed at your puppy’s naptime.

Feel free to come and check out our daycare and be ready to welcome home a happy sleepy dog.


  1. You work full time and the prospect of coming home to a bored and frustrated pet needing a 2 hour walk is tiring, to say the least. Sending your dog to daycare alleviates this pressure. Most of our clients claim their pet falls into a deep sleep on the way home!
  2. Your dog has anxiety issues and is a nuisance to your neighbors when you are away from home. Daycare resolves your pet’s natural desire for social interaction and exercise so your dog returns to your home calm and attentive (if not snoozing!).
  3. Fido is under-socialized and now you have fear and/or aggression problems when you take him out for a walk. Here at B.C. Canine, we will gently reintegrate your dog into a healthy social setting and help him build the confidence needed to lead a positive and non-fearful/aggressive life.
  4. You’ve just brought your new pet home but realize you simply do not have the time to socialize him or her properly. Daycare introduces your dog to a variety of other pups with wide ranging sizes and personalities. Daycare helps your dog understand that he can have safe playtime with dogs of diverse backgrounds.
  5. You can’t imagine leaving your pet to pine for you for any amount of time, even if for a few hours shopping or home keeping. It’s much easier to drop him off to play and romp while you get your important errands completed without any worry about your pet fretting about your absence.
What is your application process?

All dogs must complete a Client Information Card and sign an Exercise Agreement. Please allow ten minutes. At this point we require proof of up to date vaccinations.

What are your vaccination requirements?

All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, distemper (DHLPP) and bordatella (kennel cough); puppies under 6 months do not need to be vaccinated for rabies. Unfortunately, we cannot accept pups under two months.

Do you have different runs for large and small dogs?

Yes. We have close to 5 acres of grassland that is cordoned off into many different runs containing shade structures – these are for our large and rambunctious dogs requiring lots of space to stretch their legs. For our small and senior dogs we have an indoor room and a partially covered outdoor room. They have free access to both rooms through a dog door.

How often do you provide water?

Water is always available to the dogs and buckets are continuously replenished with fresh water to cool thirsty throats. (*Note: broad-chest dogs will have water removed during feeding time to reduce possibility of dangerous bloating conditions.)

Do you provide dog toys? Can we bring our own toys and personal belongings?

We do not provide any toys, save tennis balls, in the communal areas as we want to diminish any possibility of a fight. However, if you want to provide a toy for your pet that we could offer in the privacy of his or her kennel, please feel free.

Do you have a nap time for the dogs?

Dogs under 6 months will be removed from playtime for 45 minutes every 2.5 hours. We recommend bringing a small snack for your dog if under 6 months. Our boarding dogs are brought inside to rest before their daily meal and continue to rest for an hour afterwards.