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Our German Shepherd is a great dog and loving member of our family. Our problem was she was head strong and pulled us everywhere we went. even going for a walk with her felt like a chore and was not enjoyable.

We enrolled her into BC Canine and when we picked her up after 2 weeks, she was like new dog.

Thank you to Phil and all the staff at BC Canine for their hard work and compassion with our dog. She is a joy to walk now and with some work on our part with the training we received, we will have the family member we were looking for.

Stephen Fitzgerald

We enrolled our 10 month old Shiba Inu into the two week training course. He is a changed dog, for the better! Along with our own training this will be a lifelong change where we can enjoy our dog's company and behavior and he can enjoy ours. What a great place and well worth the time, effort and price. Kato came home a very happy dog.

Wendy Moreno Alnuweiri

I have a small 5lb Morkie and he was a terror!! He would sit peacefully and plot an attack on innocent people around him!!No one could come over and we couldn't even go for walks anymore he would try to attack anything and anyone around. It was out of control. He needed an intervention. I had a trip planned and need to board him foe at least 10 days, I did some research and chose BCCanine. I noted the negative review about a small dog however disregarded it because the fit for me seemed right and as the owner of a small dog I know they get into everything and small things can irritate them.

So I did the 2 week board and train with pretty much no hope. TBH I was sure my Dog was Bipolar or something. Anyhow upon my return.... NEW DOG!!! He is amazing!! He will bark a little at strangers when they come but if I correct him he will come sit or lay at my feet. I can have company again!!! YAY!! When we walk he pays no attention to people around us, he still barks at children, Even at 50 ft away lol I think he just wont like kids...and that's okay as long as he is not going out of his way to bite them!!

All I wanted was for him to stop trying to attack everyone he met/saw. to stop actually looking for trouble...What I got back was a Dog who knows all his commands, walks confidently and correctly, and doesn't try to attack everyone.. I got a lot more then I expected.

Upon pick up we got a lesson with the trainer he was great with the Dog. Me? Not so much.. LOL He was kinda tough on me, I felt picked on almost, at the time. In hindsight it was quite expensive and it is very important to continue my pups training at home so the trainer was probably just trying to make sure I got it so I didn't leave and screw it all up or feel ripped off. As soon as we walk out those doors its on me so I think maybe I was just being a little sensitive and he was just being thorough. I have never written a review before so I am doing full disclosure basically.

So essentially I had a great experience. I gave them a wild dog and got back a relatively normal one....lol. My Dog is great and life is better. I have continued his training twice daily on walks. He is so good it amazes me. He is never going to be the kind of Dog people can pet but we still love him!! I have been raving about BCCanine to everyone I know!! I will use them every time I travel so my Pup can freshen up!

Divyaant Pate

Brought our two doberman siblings here , left them for a week and came back to two completely different behaved and trained dogs! The trainer who is also the owner of the place spent almost over an hour with my fiancee and I training us on what they taught them and having us practice the new stuff with our dobermans.



Dollie S.

I never worry about Leo's care at BC Canine. He is excited when we pull up and when I pick him up he is happy. The staff at BC Canine are friendly and genuinely care about Leo's well-being. Thank you for all you do. I can rest easy knowing our dog is in good care.

Jac Chatoor
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