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We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for having Titan at your place for over a week. Many thanks to Phil and all the staff who took care of Titan and his problematic behaviour! Your love for dogs and your professionalism have offered us a worry free vacation which we could've not had without you. Titan has returned home a happier dog and we look forward to bringing him back for more training.

Happy New Year and lots of success in 2016!

Much appreciated,

Diana & Mark Luca

Just wanted to say thanks to the folks at BC Canine where Calvin has been spending a couple of daycare days a week and the occasional boarding when I'm out of town. It's been a big relief to know he's out romping with his buddies instead of pining alone at home. The staff are real dog people and Cal still pulls like a freight train to get in the door after 3 years.

Jim Tremblay

Despite being an experienced dog owner, I knew I needed help with our puppy Lucy, a lab retriever. I tried the weekly puppy kindergarten class but it wasn't working. BC Canine's inboard training program was the answer for us. In a short order, Stacy figured out what makes Lucy tick, which was praise (as opposed to treats!), and she learned the basic commands very quickly. Stacy helped me to understand how to implement at home what Lucy learned in training and its paid off. Lucy is on her way to being a great dog, and I'm on my way to helping her achieve that. And Stacy always been there for follow up sessions or any questions I had. Thanks!

Melanie Moore And p.s. - I am now walking both dogs together - !

To whom it may Concern:

I would like to thank the center for giving my dog Tucker the chance to be a dog and play and act like a dog. When we first were looking for a place to take him it was hard as he had some aggression problems with other dogs. We had him in a different kennel prior to finding BC Canine and they basically had given up on him and told us we couldn’t take him there anymore.

When I called the center and spoke with Stacy she was very confident that she could help us and most importantly help Tucker, our 130 pound mastiff/ridgeback cross. When we went to visit the center and speak with her she explained how the program worked.

We then brought Tucker down to the center and within a few weeks he was fine to be around other dogs as long as the other dogs were not dominant. He does still have that problem but the center realizes that and places him with other dogs accordingly. They are very good at reading dogs and understanding their needs.

I really don’t know how to show how much I appreciate everything that the center has done for us. They make us feel comfortable dropping him off and most importantly we are totally comfortable leaving him for 1 week at the kennel.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is not sure what they can do to help their dogs.

Thank you so much for allowing Tucker to become part of your pack.

Nathalie and Scott Pretty

We have been using BC Canine for 3 years now and are very happy with the service and the care Toby gets. Once again, this year we are spending half of August travelling in the Interior in order to attend swim racing provincials (both kids race) and then travelling on to Penticton to compete in the Ironman Canada triathlon.

It is such a HUGE relief knowing that we can leave Toby in the wonderful, caring hands of the staff at BC Canine and return to a happy, healthy pooch! We so appreciate the service!!

Thank you again for the excellent service you provide year after year!!

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