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We had a very busy summer this year. Both kids competed in the Provincial Champs for summer swim racing held in Abbotsford, and we then went to Penticton so we could compete in Ironman Canada triathlon. All this sport activity meant that our beloved pooch would have spent hours in the heat and often alone. So we chose to leave him in the cool temps near the ocean in your kennel.

We used your kennel last summer as well and were very happy with the services. This year we were however, MOST impressed. Toby gave us every impression that he was very excited to be going to play at the kennel, though my husband said that he felt that Toby would be happiest, if we also stayed there...could be interesting camping in the middle of all those dogs!! When I picked him up, he was very excited of course, but as we drove away he gazed back until he couldn;t see the kennel anymore. When we drove by it a little later on our way home, he was crazy-excited and happy to see it!! I am sure he was dissappointed not to be going back to his friends!!

I thank you very, very much for the wonderful care you and all the staff provide whenever we use your "camp". And we were so very, very grateful that Toby had clearly just had a bath. He was so clean and fresh...thank you!!!!

With great appreciation from our whole family :)

Ann Pickthall

We have been taking our dog Moka to BC Canine Training Center for 1 ½ years now and we cannot recommend this place enough. Our dog is happy well adjusted and friendly. We owe much of this to the care that he gets when we drop him off in the morning knowing that he is in a safe loving environment. The staff are friendly and you know that they love the dogs there and make everyone happy to leave their dog in their care. Our dog loves coming home, but is always excited about going to Doggy Dare Care at BC Canine. We have had him in daycare, boarded him while we went on vacation, and can rest knowing that he’s happy. When we went to Hawaii last year we had him trained with the in board training and although he stands taller than my granddaughter he will obey her when she gives him the command to lie down or sit. We have had Moka bathed and nails clipped and he will come back home happy and smelling lovely. We would highly recommend BC Canine; you must try it you and your dog will be glad you did.

Darrell & Terresa Tetar

Thanks for the great time you showed our Rotti, Rocky. He has always had a very difficult time being away from home but since finding BC Canine, it almost feels like he doesn’t want to come home! I know the staff there adore him and I am sure he feels the same about all of them too!

C. Cruikshank - Tsawassen, BC

I wanted to let you know how thankful our family is to be a member of BC Canine. Our dog, Luke the Lab, was an absolute terror to leave at home while we went to work, shopping or, basically, whenever we left him alone. Now that he has you, he spends his days cavorting with new buddies and engaging his over-active mind. That, coupled with some excellent training advice from the Head Trainer, Shelby, and Luke is a joy to have at home and has been transformed into a calm, well-behaved pet. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Rick Tremblay - Richmond, BC

Thanks to the well-trained staff at BC Canine, I know I can leave my senior dog, Basil, in good hands while I have business trips to attend to. Basil is on two different types of medication, needs ear drops twice a day and has a very specific diet. Additionally, he is blind in one eye and completely deaf. Despite these demanding considerations, Basil is always greeted like a family member and he responds to the staff with an enthusiasm he usually reserves for me. I feel absolutely safe in the knowledge that he will be cared for with the utmost attention and thoughtfulness.

William Pernasse - Richmond, BC
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